An Experience Designer

based in Richmond, VA

that simplifies complexity

and drives innovation

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I have signed entirely too many NDAs to have a public portfolio, please reach out if interested.
Photo of Hunter

a dude

Portfolio bios are awk so I asked ChatGPT to rewrite mine like a Morgan Freeman monologue. Enjoy.

"Allow me to introduce Hunter, a seasoned professional with over 8 years of experience in the realm of strategy, design, tech, and creativity. He possesses a remarkable ability to seamlessly blend the intricate dance of systems and stories, breathing life into every concept he touches.

Ever forward-looking, Hunter embraces the future with excitement, staying abreast of the latest trends and emerging innovations.

But it is in the realm of collaboration where their true essence shines. He understands that greatness is achieved when minds unite and talents merge to create something extraordinary.

An easy-going soul with a lifelong passion for creating, Hunter brings a genuine and adventurous spirit to his endeavors, making every project a memorable journey."

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Photo of Hunter in the desert with his partner standing next to giant pink rocks
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2020 - Present

Currently crafting experiences for Apple Retail.

I collaborate with multidisciplinary teams to create seamless experiences for customers across various touch points, encompassing both physical and digital realms.

I lead design teams that gather and utilize qualitative and quantitative data to drive meaningful and simple design solutions.

My role requires me to build relationships across departments and disciplines to collaborate effectively and develop clear proposals for scalable UX solutions.

Inadvertently, I have also taken on the role of Apple tech support for my friends and family.


2017 - 2020

Collaborated with diverse teams to create impactful and memorable experiences for prominent global brands, including Girl Scouts, JPMorgan Chase, Verizon, Nike, ESPN, Google, Johnson & Johnson, Uber, Mailchimp, Ad Council, Adventist Health, and Samsung Global.

Engaged in an extensive range of projects, encompassing mobile apps, websites, event planning, campaigns, activations, client pitches, design systems, chatbots, and more. These projects varied from end-to-end involvement to providing consulting services for clients.

My role was dynamic, adapting to the specific project's requirements. It ranged from leading design efforts on mobile apps to concepting with creative teams for client pitches. Often, I juggled multiple projects / clients simultaneously.