Staying Relevant in the Digital World

The Current State of Skateboarding Content

Thrasher Magazine, a leader in covering the skateboarding scene has made little effort outside of their website to grow their brand in the digital world. Magazine subscriptions, their main source of income outside of ad space, has been on the decline for the past fifteen years. If they do not do something to stay relevant, the risk of a rival company taking their spot rises.  Skateboarding videos and history are fading away with physical media.  There is no archive hub for skateboarding media content.  About 50% skateboarding brands do not last longer than 5 years, distribution and production of content die with brands.

The Challenge

Re-establish Thrasher as the skateboarding content king.

Defining a Direction.

Needs of the User

-Wants to go skateboard
-Wants to know the latest skateboarding news
-Wants to know where to skateboard
-Wants have easy access to skateboarding content

What are we aiming to accomplish?

-Reconnect skaters to the Thrasher brand
-Increase amount of fresh content
-Connect skateboarders using technology
-Bring skateboarders closer to skateboarding
-Ignite a love of skateboarding within generations to come

Brand Differentiation

As the top skateboarding magazine of all time, Thrasher has established itself as a household name. Thrasher Magazine has led generations of skateboarders to fall deeper in love with skateboarding.

Top Competitors

-The Berrics
-ETN (New service that has aired live competitions)
-YouTube (Via brand and user accounts)
-Instagram (Posts of only 'Enders' often go viral)
-Transworld Skateboarding (Facing similar problem)

Rethinking the Skateboarding Bible.

The Solution

Create a cross-platform digital service to enhance the skateboarding experience.  This service would serve as the ultimate tool for everything skateboarding.  The service would allow the Thrasher brand to create a connection with skateboarders like never before. 

One of the main features offered would be a content streaming service for skateboarding videos.  By reaching out to skateboard companies/shops and purchasing the rights to distribute videos from throughout time, Thrasher could build a skateboarding media content database. This platform would open up the opportunity for brand partnerships that would help raise brand recognition and profit throughout the industry. 

While the service would be free to download and use many of the features, the skateboarding media content database would require the user to pay for a premium account.   This new subscription service would overhaul their current business model and would serve as the foundation for the future of the Thrasher Magazine brand.

A skateboarder's swiss army knife.

the latest skateboarding news
huge library of skate videos
new places to skateboard
skateboarding trips with friends
in spot trick challenges
user uploaded skate content

Location Based Interactions

Skateboarders will be able to discover and interact with skatespots based on their location. This will allow the Thrasher brand to host remote events at spots across the globe.

Designing in cards allowed for easy platform adaption.



I shared an early prototype on a Richmond skateboarding page and professional skateboarder Nate Sherwood commented on it and shared it. This post along with reaching out to skateboarders directly and visiting skate shops, helped me tweak and craft the current iteration. I am currently in the process of packaging up the most updated version to send to the folks at Thrasher.

My Role

Concepting  /  UX  /  UI  /  System Design /  Prototyping

The Team

Only Me

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