Listen Together.

The Current State of Music Listening

Since its inception music has brought people together.  Today, technology has given more people have access to music than ever before; however, that same technology is making the enjoyment of music a solitary act.  People are more likely to pop in their earbuds than to play music aloud.

Spotify currently allows tens of millions of people to discover and enjoy music, but what if it could leverage its platform to make listening once again a social experience?  What if in addition to bringing people music, Spotify could bring people together?

The Challenge

Create a more social listening experience.

Defining a Direction.

Needs of the User

-Wants to listen to music
-Wants to share music with others
-Wants to discover new music
-Wants access to music anywhere

What are we aiming to accomplish?

-Create connections with music
-Increase sharing of music
-Give users a sense of inclusion
-Increase new music discovery

Brand Differentiation

No one does music better than Spotify.  Brand built around listening to music, they have an unparalleled listening experience and content library.

Dominant Trends in Social Platforms

-Shared Experiences
-Real-time Interactions
-Adaptive Content
-Opened ended public input
-Personal Expression

Transforming the Spotify listening experience from solitary to social.

Spotify Jams

Listen to music in real-time with any other Spotify user

Whether they’re in the same room, or across the country

Start a jam or join a friend’s jam

Collaborate to add songs

Chat with your friends about the song choice

Vote for the next song up

Spotify Jams, listen together

New Activity Tab

See what others are listening to in Activity Feed

Thumb up what others are listening to

See who is hosting a Jam in Jam Feed

Launch your own Jam

Long Press to preview content in the feed

Long Press to preview Jam Sessions

Access your user profile

Jam Session Interface

Listen to music in real-time with any other Spotify user

Discover new music based on joint interests

Thumb up the songs you want to listen to next

Thumb Down the songs you want to skip

Add songs to the Jam Queue

Chat with other listeners in the Jam

Swipe between Jams

Expanding into the Real World

Opportunities for Businesses

Allows customers to have input on the music while at these locations.

When nearby a business with an active Jam it will be present within Jam Session feed.

Perfect for places like bars, coffee shops, bowling alleys and skating rinks.

Becoming a platform for artists to interact with fans.

Opportunities for Artists

Artist Jams gives artists the chance to release new music and interact with their fans in real-time.

This would set up a new foundation for artists interested in keeping a strong direct-to-fan relationship.

Real-time listening also positions Spotify to become a leader in talk radio, podcasts and comedy content.

Integrating Spotify Jams into the current product.


An increase in real-time interactions with other listeners calls for an increased amount of push notifications. In addition to push notifications there will be alerts within the chat feed. These notifications will keep listeners up to date with all Jam Session activity.



An analysis of how Spotify Jams would live within the mobile interface.


My Role

Concepting  /  UX  /  UI  /  IXD  /  Prototyping

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